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Cerberus / Watercolour / Peter Connolly
Mythology / Greco-Roman:

Cerberus, watchdog of the Underworld, generally believed to have three heads, snakes on its back and a snake for a tail.

Costume design for Cerberus
The tired centaur
Fabulous Animals. 1. Centaur. 2. Chimaera. 3. Greek Sphynx. 4. Egyptian Sphinx. 5. Gryllus. 6. Sirens
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The Siren
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Thor fighting the Midgard Serpent
The World Oak Yggdrasill with Midgard and Midgard Serpent
The death of Leviathan (Isaiah’s pros phecy)
St George and the Dragon
Mythical Creatures
Mythical creatures have featured in storytelling throughout history. These stories not only entertained but also helped to pass on cultural and religious knowledge. Often these creatures came to symbolise vices, virtues or the powers of good and evil. Some were at one time even believed to be real!

Far from being forgotten, many of these creatures now feature in popular culture today in films, books, theatre, games and toys. Here we take a look at some of the mythical creatures lurking in the archive.
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