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Head of Medusa
Head of Medusa
Head of Medusa
Caravaggio (born Michelangelo Merisi),
Italian painter.

The head of Medusa, c.1598/99.

Oil on panel, 60 x 55 cm.

Tondo, 60 × 55 cm.

Inv. 1351.
Le plaisir
The Head of Medusa
Disagreeable Duties of a Father
A caza de dientes
Dead Frog
Die Bierscheppen
Judith Beheading Holofernes
Judith beheading Holofernes
Selbstdarstellung, grimassierend
Historia Medica
We all know the stomach-churning feeling when finding rotten food in the fridge, eating something that tastes unpleasant or when stepping into something smelly on the street, usually resulting in a wrinkled nose and the urge to turn away.

As part of our Spotlight series on emotions, this selection of images from our archive explores the emotion of disgust, its causes and reactions.

As a biological and evolutionary contamination-avoidance mechanism, protecting us from eating poisonous things, it is one of the strongest emotions. We hope you can bear looking at our pictures of revulsion.
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