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Konfuzius / koreanische Malerei
Konfuzius (K'ung-fu-tzu); chinesischer Philosoph und Religionsstifter; Qufu 551 v. Chr. - ebd. 479 v. Chr.

- Bildnis, als Konfuzius gedeutet. -


Konfuzius und seine 72 Schüler
L’image de Confutius (…)
Konfuzius beim Spiel auf der Zither
Die ersten Schüler des Konfuzius
Konfuzius und seine 72 Schüler
Konfuzius und seine 72 Schüler
Confucius / philosopher, China
Confucius, philosopher, China, Confucius was a Chinese philosopher at the time of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. He probably lived from 551 BC. To 479 BC He was born under the name of Kong Qiu in the city of Qufu in the Chinese state of Lu, where he also died. The central theme of his teachings is the human order, which in his opinion is achievable through respect for other people and ancestor worship. In memory of him and his teachings, on the 29th of September, Confucius Day is celebrated worldwide.
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