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Napoleon III / Copy after F. X. Winterhalter
Napoleon III, Emperor of the French (1851–70).
Paris, 20.4.1808 – Chislehurst (near London) 9.1.1873.

– “Napoleon III, Emperor of the French”. –

Copy by an unknown...
Napoleon III on horseback
Portrait Album
NAPOLEON III. / Empereur des Francais
Souper à Versailles
The Queen of England visiting Paris
Napoleon III at a mass on the Prome– nade des Dames in Plom
Reception of the Siamese legation by Napoleon III at Fontai
Withdrawal at Sedan on 1 September
Napoleon in the camp of Chalons
Napoleon III and Bismarck after the Battle of Sedan
Napoleon III and Bismarck on the morning after the battle o
Napoleon (III) before King Wilhelm near Sedan, 2 Sept. 1870
King Wilhelm meeting Napoleon III at Bellevue Palace (near
Wilhelm I / Leopold von Hohenzollern, Napoleon III.
General survey (Rundgemälde) of Europe in August 1849.
Ni l’un, ni l’ autre!
William's Excursion
(…) Voici le sabre de mon oncle (..)
Je veux encore du nanan…
Loi de 1868
Schöne Dame, darf ich Ihnen meinen Arm anbieten?
We aren’t the barbarians that the Fre– nch make us out to b
Napoleon III (1808 - 1873)
9 January 2023 - 150 years since his death
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