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Otto von Bismarck; Statesman. 1815–1898.

– “BISMARKOFF 1er / …”. –
(Individual parts of the head are marked with terms such as cunning, willpower, boldness, and...
Carte drolatique d’Europe pour 1870
The Universal Monarch
Napoleonic Wars, 1815
Arrogance took it – Bravery brings it back
The Rhenish messenger loses everything on the journey home from the Leipzig Fair
French Flight (…)
The Beginning of the End
Out with it, it’ll be over soon: Father! If you give all you have, what’s left for me!
C’est la cravate à papa
"L' homme à la boule"
From the Ruhr to Morocco (…)
Hipp hipp hurra! / Aben Sie so einen grossen Liebe für unse
Ca, Un Empereur!… Ces Allemands, toujours du toc, – de la contrefacon..
Nationale Großfilme
Trop grosse (Zu dick)
Bismarck's Nightmare with Death Thanking Him
La paix. Idylle. (Der Frieden. Idylle.)
Mon vélocipède! (Mein Fahrrad!)
Halte!!! (Halt!!!)
Le roi s’amuse
Der Frieden – Was man heute für eigenart. Spiegel herstellt
Poincaré als Sonnenkönig / Jeder Zoll ein Kuli der französischen Schwerindus– trie
George Sand, in the company of writers and dandys, disdained by the women
'Au Front’ (Juillet 1918)
William's Excursion
Spanisch– Französische Marokkofreundschaft (…)
La fessée Présidentielle
FRANCE - Caricatures
Satire magazines are not only an art form but also part of the freedom of the press and above all an indicator of the Enlightenment, but in times of nationalism often only propaganda.

The illustrations shown here from the 19th and 20th centuries caricature important historical events in German-French history and reflect the German-French relationship over the last two hundred years, which has not always been easy and characterised by numerous wars.

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