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Endklassik, 800–900 n. Chr.

Zoomorphe Vase in Gestalt eines Frosches.

Ton, geformt und geritzt,
Höhe 11 cm, Breite 8,5 cm.
Herkunft: La Lagunita,...
Portrait de Pertuiset, le chasseur de lions
The Last Supper
Arrigo Boito
Flower study
For Eight Lira
Pietro Baguzzi
Pietro Baguzzi was born in Mantua in 1935. Whilst studying classics in Milan, he took courses in photography and, at the end of his studies, decided to dedicate himself to photographing works of art for publications.

He has worked with some of the leading publishing houses, both in Italy and abroad, producing books of breathtaking quality for Fratelli Fabbri in the 1960s as well as for Rizzoli and the Japanese publisher Shogakukan, amongst many others.

Baguzzi himself admits to a preference for photographing sculpture and archaeological artefacts, although these are the most difficult works of art to capture on film.
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