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Fruits and flowers still life / col. photo
Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mandé
(one of the inventors of photography) 1787–1851.

“Nature morte: Intérieur d’un cabinet de curiosités” (Still life: cabinet of curiosities),...
A letter rack
Stilleben mit einem Jakobsstab
Still-life with flowers in a vase
The Birthday Table
Bird of paradise
Still Life with Book (Saint Matorel)
Allegory of Vanity
Vanitas, Allegory of the transience of life with skull and
Large Still Life with Jugs and Red Tea-Caddy
Still life with Parrots
Großes Schauessen
Roses and dahlias
Vase with flowers and butterflies
Fleurs exotiques
Alder Buckthorn Flowers in a Glass
Hunting still-life with dead hare and birds
Blumen in schwarzer Vase
Still Life with Fruitbasket
Painter’s easel with a fruit still– life
Fruit and Flowers Still-Life
Still-Life with Lithograph
Bouquet des violettes et éventail
Five Senses with Clock
Stilleben mit Blumen und Schmuckkasten
Fleurs et fruits
Vanitas still-life with flowers and skull
L’été de la St. Michel
Still Life with Fruit, Finch and Maritime Snail Shells
Bunch of flowers before a landscape
Bouquet of Flowers with Butterfly and Bird
Die Uhr
Portrait of  Fra Gonzalo de Illescas
Trompe l'oeil-Stillleben
Stilleben mit Athena-Statue
Vanitas-Stillleben mit Büchern, Muscheln und Notenhandschriften, auf einem Tisch arrangiert
Still Life with Pears, Peaches and Apples on a Tin Plate
Stillleben mit Schnecken und Muscheln
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