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Hitler visits Göring in Carinhall / Photo 1937
Hitler, Adolf; German politician and leader of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), 1889–1945.

Hitler visits Göring at Carinhall near Berlin.

Photo, 5th June 1937.
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Monuments Men
Hitler once dreamed of creating a Führer Museum in the town of Linz which he intended to be the new Florence. The museum was to be filled with the greatest and most valuable artworks in Europe. The Nazis plundered museums and private collections all across Europe and kept the paintings, sculptures and other valuables in complex system of hiding places, often in salt mines. At the end of the war, Hitler had given the order to leave behind nothing but scorched earth for the Allies. This included the destruction of the art that had been hidden. Luckily for European culture there were a few brave men and women who felt the cultural heritage was worth saving, the so-called Monuments Men. Their story is incredible and as tense a the best kind of thriller, luckily for us with a happy ending!
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