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S.Franck, Hl. Martin (Alb. v. Brandenburg)
Franck, Simon um 1500 – 1546/47.

“Hl. Martin (Albrecht von Brandenburg) ", undat. (Gegenstück zur “Hl. Ursula (Leys Schütz?) ").

Öl auf Lindenholz, 121 × 56,5...
Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg, kneeling before the Crucifi
Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg as Saint Jerome in the landscape
Kardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg als heiliger Hieronymus..
Mass of Saint Gregory with Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg
Mass of Saint Gregory with Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg
Christus als Schmerzensmann
Ernst von Wettin und Albrecht von Brandenburg als Stifter
Altarmodell mit Christus vor Kaiphas
Altarmodell mit der Beweinung Christi
Der Ban
Der Galgen
Wider den falsch genannte (n) geystlichen stand des Babst vn (d) der bischoffen
Cathedral in Halle
Albrecht von Brandenburg
28th June 2020 - 530th Birthday

24th September 2020 - 475th Anniversary of his Death

Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg, 1490 – 1545,
Elector and Archbishop of Mainz from 1514 to 1545 and Archbishop of Magdeburg from 1513 to 1545.

When Martin Luther wrote his famous 95 Theses and sent these to Albert on 31 October 1517. Albert forwarded the theses to Rome, suspecting Luther of heresy.

Albert's large and liberal ideas, his friendship with Ulrich von Hutten, and his political ambitions, appear to have raised hopes that he could be won over to Protestantism; but after the German Peasants' War of 1525 he ranged himself definitely among the supporters of Catholicism, and was among the princes who joined the League of Dessau in July 1525 (short-lived Association of Catholic rulers in northern Germany during the time of the German Reformation. Its goals were to stop both the rebellion and the proliferation of Martin Luther's teachings).

The new doctrines nevertheless made considerable progress in his dominions, and he was compelled to grant religious liberty to the inhabitants of Magdeburg in return for 500,000 florins.
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