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Platon, Sitzstatue, Athen, Akademie

Platon; griech. Philosoph.
Athen 427 v. Chr. – ebd. 347 v. Chr.
– Sitzstatue Platons. –
(Pendant zur Sitzstatue Sokrates).
Cappenberg head of Barbarossa
Battle of Iconium
De arte venandi cum avibus
Equestrian Portrait of Charles V
Queen Elizabeth I of England reviews her troops
Louis XIV
Catherine the Great
Catherine the Great
George Washington
George Washington
Goethe in the Campagna
From the bust of Aristotle to the portrait of the writer Stefan Zweig, the category Personalities contains images and photographs of people from history, politics, art, science and entertainment. Some are stars and world-famous, while others are only known to a small circle of interested people.
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