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French Police Confronting Protesters / Paris May 1968 events in France
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May 1968 events in France: Period of civil unrest in France during May 1968, punctuated by demonstrations and massive general strikes as well as...
"Sous les pavés, la plage!"
Amidst the increasingly nationalist militarisation of France under the de Gaulle administration, political unrest was brewing in Paris, 1968. Centred around the radical activity of students at the Sorbonne university, calls for educational, labour and socio-economic reform soon escalated into organised dissent, violence and a state of almost-revolution.

Though de Gaulle and neoliberal France survived the revolt, using military force to disperse protesters, May 1968 will forever persist as a what-could-have-been for the European left-wing; its strategies and organisational methods still resurfacing in radical movements today.

AKG have also put together selections of the other student movements which took place simultaneously throughout Europe at this time:

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