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Bernardo Clesio / painting by Bruyn the Elder
Clesio, Bernardo, also Bernhard von Cles or Bernardus Clesius; chancellor to Emperor Ferdinand I from 1527,
cardinal from 1530.
Cles in Val di Non (Trentino) 11.3.1485...
Portrait of Cardinal Bernhardus Clesius (1485–1539)
Table Bell in the Form of a Chambermaid
Table bell
Table bell
Table bell
Portrait of Cardinal Agucchi
Basket with Glasses
Les Comices de Lyon
Portrait of Joaquín Manuel Fernández de Santa Cruz
Pope Leo X with the cardinals Luigi de’ Rossi and Giulio de
Pope Leo X with Cardinals Luigi de’ Rossi and Giulio de’ Me
St. Augustine
Portrait of Vitaliano Borromeo
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