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Battle near Mollwitz 1741 / Map
1st Silesian War 1740–42 / Battle near Mollwitz 10 April 1741 (Prussia led by Frederick the Great defeats the Austrians led by Neipperg).

Map and description of...
Arènes de Lutèce / 1st century AD / 3D Reconstruction
Henry 1st
Witches riding out on the 1st of May
1st Dada Evening
Long live the 1st of May / The inter– national labour day
The Witche’s Lake in the Harz Mountains on 1st May
The witches’ dancing ground in the Harz mountains (on the 1st of May)
Witches riding out on their procession on the 1st of May
The Bright House (1st Version)
Godfrey of Bouillon, 1st Crusade
The Romans defeat the Punic fleet
First Roman campaign in Africa
The 1st Commandment: I am the Lord, your God. You shall have no other gods before me
Window picture (1st part, 3rd motif)
Siegmund and Sieglinde (Die Walküre, 1st Act)
The wedding of Figaro, 1st act
Teutons of the 1st century
The witches’lake in Unterharz, late evening aft. the witches’ordeal (test) on the 1st of May
Form of Moscow Kreml and Red Square on 1st May 1918: Tainiz
of 1640
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