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A Mapp of New England
A Mapp of New England
A Mapp of New England
New England (USA).

“A Mapp of New England”.

pre 1675.
Copper engraving, coloured.
Publ.: John Seller, Hydrographer to the King.
New York, Public Library.
George IV becomes King of England on January 31, 1820
Portrait of Princess Anne of England
The children of Charles I of England
Rekrutenwerbung in England
Queen Victoria of England with her family
“Portrait of the three eldest children of Charles I of England”
The Queen of England visiting Paris
Prince Charles of England and Princess Anne / Photo
Christmas celebrations in England
The family life of Queen Victoria of England
Hengist and Horsa Reach England
Treaty between John of England and Otton IV. of Brunswick
Queen Elizabeth I of England reviews her troops
The Confirmation of Princess Victoria of England in the Cha
New England Scenery
A Portrait of James I of England, VI of Scottland
The funeral of the Queen of England: The cortege is drawn t
Willem III, Prince of Orange, King of England and Stadtholder
England’s Glory
A Portrait of James I of England and VI of Scotland
Hengist and Horsa land in England
Caricature of George IV of England
Portrait of Mary Stuart, Queen of England
Due to a storm, James II, King of England, has to land in Kent where he is battered and robbed
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