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Iraq: Map of the City of Nippur incised on a baked clay tablet, c.14th century BCE
This ancient clay tablet is dated to the 14th-13th century BCE, and on it is inscribed a map of the countryside around the Mesopotamian city of Nippur, located in...
Parts of two male worshipers
Votive bowl
Cylinder seal and modern impression: worshiper pouring a libation before a seated god
Cylinder seal and modern impression: seated pigtailed figures and pots
Inscribed brick: dedicatory inscription of Adad-shuma-usur
Model of a "plano-convex" brick
Inlay: dancing man
Inlay: male torso
Inlay: banquet scene with a seated figure holding a palm frond
Standing female worshiper
Cuneiform tablet: Sumerian dedicatory(?) inscription from Ekur, the temple of the god Enlil
Foundation figure of king Shulgi of Ur, carrying a basket
Cow amulet
Inlay: seated male with cup and palm frond
Inlay: woman wearing a cylinder seal, playing a flute
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