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Women of Algiers in their Apartment
Women of Algiers in their Apartment
Women of Algiers in their Apartment
Delacroix, Eugene 1798–1863.

“Women of Algiers in their Apartment”,

Oil on canvas, 180 × 229cm.
Paris, Musée du Louvre.
Indoor Gossip
Les almees
Woman Leaving the Bath at the Seraglio
Turkish Girl
An Oriental Beauty
Jeune femme en costume oriental (La Sultane)
Nachmittagsruhe im Harem
Auf den Terrassen – Laghouat bei Mondenschein
Die gelbe Sultanin
Moorish baths
L’esclave blanche
Le massage
Le Bain turc
The Grand Odalisque
Patio in Tanger
The Carpet Sellers
The Favourite
Mosque d’al-Azhar au Caire
City on the Nile
Arab Town
La Mosquée, fête arabe
Rote und wei~e Kuppeln
Market Scene by a Mosque
A Street Scene in Tunisia
Chefs de tribus arabes se defiant au combat singulier, sous
Der Haremswächter
Seated Turk
Isphan, Persia
Laghouat, Sahara algerien
Abendgebet in der Wüste
An Arab Rider
Pelerins allant à La Mecque
Zwei ruhende Araber
At the Gate of the Seraglio
Arabic Cafe
Orange Market in Blidah
Black Workers
The view of the Orient from the West is often as if through a keyhole. In 19th and 20th centuray Orientalist art the main subject is the Odalisque, the exotic woman covered with transparent veils, harem trousers or even totally nude reclining on heavy carpets or the harem's baths.

The Orient became an epithet for desires and fantasies, beginning with the Napoleonic Egyptian campain. Scientists followed in their wake, exploring and measuring the country on the Nile.

Our selection is not reduced to the depiction of women but covers a wide range of images showing caravans, deserts, cities, bazaars and coffee houses in their colourful glory.
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