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Hl. Nikolaus von Myra
Hl. Nikolaus von Myra
Hl. Nikolaus von Myra
nachbyzantinisch, kretische Schule, Ende 16. / Anfang 17. Jahrhundert.
- Der Heilige Nikolaus von Myra. -
(Nikolaus, Bischof von Myra in Lykien;...
Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker
St. Nicholas
St Nicholas of Bari
The Ordination of Saint Nicholas as Bishop of Myra
Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker
Saint Nicolas
 Der Heilige Nikolaus von Myra und vier Szenen seines Lebens
St. Nicholas of Myra saves three unjustly condemned men fro
The Miracle of St. Nicholas
Saint Nicholas Revives a Boy
The Corn Miracle of Saint Nicholas
St. Nicholas liberates the boy Adeodat from the Agarenes
The oil of Diana
High altar of St. Nikolaus in Selbach
Heiliger Nikolaus
Der Heilige Nikolaus
St Nicholas and his helper Krampus
Lieber Nikolaus, / komm in unser Haus (…)
Still life with table for Christmas presents
St. Nicolas. / Jeunes gens / Écrivains / / Bateliers
St. Nicolas / Patron des Enfants / Fête 6 Décembre
Tritt ein, lieber Nikolaus!
St. Nicholas of Bari and the children
Saint Nicholas of Myra (Bari)
St. Nicholas – patron saint of sailors, traders, lawyers, pharmacists, travelers, prostitutes, thieves, prisoners and children children and many others. From the patron saint of the children, today’s customs are derived on 6 December.

One of the most well-known and most frequently practiced customs is: On the eve before St. Nicholas' Day children place their (of course polished) shoes at the doors, which are filled overnight with small gifts, sweets, apples and nuts, etc.
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