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Newsletter #01 2020
Focus on... 1989 - 1990 The path to Germany's unity

The last year of the GDR 1989/90 was the most exciting. Events came thick and fast, and the old SED leadership disappeared into nirvana, and with it also the GDR. The peaceful revolution of 1989/90 fascinated the whole world and became a symbol of the end of the Cold War. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, akg-images is giving away the photo book A Wall Vanishes by Henning Langenheim.

Another topic is the Islamic world. In portraits of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran we take an exemplary look at the developments which have led to the current situation. Social and cultural shifts play a major role in our choice of images. Apart from the crises, our photographers' images also show people's daily lives, which sometimes get forgotten in the world of "breaking news".

Our note in the first newsletter of every year about artists whose artist's copyrights ended on 1st January has meanwhile become a standard. This year, the poster artist Ludwig Hohlwein, the Russian painter Alexandra Exter and the "painter of masks" James Sidney Ensor are especially noteworthy.
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