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Winter scene / Illustration by Brüderlin

Illustration for a children’s book.

(Winter scene in Russia).
Drawing, water colours over pencil on paper, 1947, by Hannelore Brüderlin (1927–2008).
Winter Scene. Ramapo Valley
The Osterbrogade in Winter
Winter landscape
Winter Scene in Moonlight
The Arrival of the Christmas Tree
The Birth of Christ
Birth of Christ
The Holy Family
Adoration of the Child
Adoration of the child
Christi Geburt
Der Winter
Winter’s day
Der Winter
Winter landscape
Deer in Snow II
Haystacks in the Snow
Birds Feeding in the Snow
Children in the Snow
Mountain Landscape
Sunny Winter's Day in Sweden
Vöglein im Winter
In Winter’s Grasp – Blackbird
Christmas Range Illustration/Art
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