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Portrait de l’artiste au chevalet
Portrait de l’artiste au chevalet
Portrait de l’artiste au chevalet
James Ensor; Belgian painter and graphic artist; Ostde 13.4.1860 – ibid 19.11.1949.

“Portrait de l’artiste au chevalet”

(Self-portrait with easel), 1879.
Oil on...
Little Head
Self-Portrait with Flower Hat
Ensor at his easel
Portrait de Willy Finch au Chevalet
Portrait de Théo Hannon
Willy Finch in het atelier
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View of Mariakerke
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View of Phnosien, waves and light vibrations
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“Coin de table”
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“La Dame en bleu”
“La Dame à l’éventail”
“La Dame à l’éventail”
Lady with Red Parasol
The Dark Lady
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Willy Finch dessinant
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Fisherman's Wife
Old Woman with Blue Scarf
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Town Hall of Brussels
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Children at their Toilet
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Fall of the Rebel Angels
The Little Chair
Christ Walking on Water
Skeletons Arguing over a Herring
The Ray
The Call of the Siren
Still Life with Cockerel
Death and the Masks
Fabric and Fans
The Poacher
“Le flacon bleu”
The Drum Major
The Garden of Love
The Ideal
Le Coup de lumière
Faded Lights
James Sidney Ensor (1860 - 1949)
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