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Shiva Nataraja / Indian bronze, 11./12.
Indian sculpture, Chola period, 11./12.

Shiva Nataraja.

(Shiva; one of the three main gods in Hinduism; as Shiva Natraja, god of dance.)
Bronze, height...
Shiva Nataraja
Six-armed Shiva with bull
Shiva Vanao
Kopf des Shiva
Statue of Buddha with reliquary worship on the pedestal
Ein Fakir
Priests in Bombay
India - Religions
Hinduism, Buddhism ...

Although religious freedom exists constitutionally in India, religion plays a central role in the everyday life of the people in the country. In no other country in the world do so many religions exist side by side and the two world religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, have even emerged there.

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