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Vertrag von Locarno 1925 / Unterschr.
Konferenz, Pakt und Verträge von Locarno
5.–16. Okt. 1925 (Über dt. Westgrenzen, Entmilitarisierung des Rheinlandes u. a.)

Die Unterschriften unter den Pakt von...
Treaty of Locarno
16. Oktober 2025 - 100. Jahrestag

Guarantee of the western borders ...

The international conference on European security issues led to the conclusion of the Locarno Treaties, which confirmed the German western border laid down in the Treaty of Versailles as well as the demilitarisation of the Rhineland. Locarno was also an attempt to create a European security and peace system.

In the period after the First World War Franco-German relations were marked by France's deep distrust of its German neighbour and the Germans' demand for a revision of the Versailles Treaty. The French Prime Minister Aristide Briand and the German Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann have both rendered their services to reconciliation between the two countries and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1926. In particular, Stresemann's peace offensive, which led to the signing of the Locarno Agreements, was the decisive step towards a policy of détente.

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