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Ludwig I, King of Bavaria, portrait in coronation robes / painting
Ludwig I, King of Bavaria (1825-48).
Strasbourg 25.08.1786 - 29.02.1868 Nice.

Portrait of King Ludwig I of Bavaria in coronation robes.

Painting, German School,...
King Otto’s farewell from the Munich court
Queen Therese of Bavaria in coronation regalia
View of the Villa del Priorato di Malta in Rome
Crown prince Ludwig in the Spanish wine bar in Rome
Innenansicht der Walhalla bei Regensburg
Ludwig I. (1786 - 1868)
25. August 2021 - 235. Geburtstag
29. Februar 2023 - 155. Todestag
Oktober 2025 - 200. Jahrestag der Thronbesteigung

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