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Michael I of Russia / 1672
Michael I of Russia (Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov)
1596 – 1645 (reign: 1613 – 1645)
first Russian Tsar of the house of Romanov.

Portrait, 1672.

The State Historical...
Michael I of Russia
23rd July 2020 - 475th Anniversary of his Death.

Michael I of Russia, 22 July 1596 – 23 July 1645,
first Russian Tsar of the House of Romanov.

Michael was unanimously elected Tsar of Russia at the age of 18, by a national assembly on 21 February 1613.
The first task of the new tsar was to clear the land of the countries occupying it. Sweden and Poland.

After the return from exile of his father, Feodor Nikitich Romanov,
who then took over the government till his death in October 1633, Michael occupied a subordinate position.
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