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Flamingos in a Zoo
Flamingos in a Zoo
Flamingos in a Zoo
Macke, August 1887–1914.

“Flamingos im Zoo” (Flamingos in a zoo), 1914.

Watercolour on paper, 22,5 × 25,6 cm.

DL Ziegler 86
Collection Ziegler,
Mühlheim an der...
Vor dem Affenhaus im Berliner Zoo
Tiger in the Zoo
Bei den Papageien
Orang Utan I
Gone to the zoo
Almost every city in the world has a zoo and many have a very poor reputation. Controversies surrounding the popular polar bear Knut in Berlin, a slaughtered giraffe in Kopenhagen and enclosures that are too small are unwelcome headlines. many zoos, however, also fulfill an importrant role in the conservation of species. Unfortunately there are some species that are so endangered in the wild that zoos are the only hope for them.
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