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Portrait of a noble woman
Portrait of a noble woman
Portrait of a noble woman
Wicar, Jean-Baptiste Joseph 1762–1834.

“Portrait of a noble woman”.

Oil on canvas, 19 × 28cm.
Inv. No. 627
Perugia, National Gallery of Umbria.
Vor dem Ball
The Time of Roses
The Engagement Ring
Portrait de Sophie Adelaide Mairet
Portrait of a courtesan with feather hairpiece, bow and vei
Sunday Morning
The Golden Dress
Anna Maria Magnani
Les Trois Graces
Antonia Devauçay de Nittis
Madame Raymond de Verninac, née Hen– riette Delacroix
La mauvaise nouvelle
Portrait de Mme Seriziat
Portrait de Mme de Senonnes
The Mother of Captain J.C. von Stierle-Holzmeister
Family Roze
Lady with a fan
Portrait of a lady with book and work– basket
Catherine-Marie-Jeanne Tallard (1772/73 –1825), femme de Fr
Portrait of Angelica Catalani
Portrait of Katharina Stashenski
Bildnis Wilhelmina Sophia Helwig
The Duchess of Alba
Portrait of Miss Louisa Hornby
The family of Count Moritz Christian Fries
Women's fashion 1795-1820
Like classic statues come to life: In the aftermath of the French Revolution, Western fashion temporarily abandoned corsets in favour of high waists and flowing fabrics, emphasising the female figure in a more natural way.

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