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Stealing off; – or – prudent se– cession
Stealing off; – or – prudent se– cession
Stealing off; – or – prudent se– cession
Fox, Charles James; British politician,
(Whig statesman); 1749–1806.

“Stealing off; – or – prudent secession”. (Caricature).

Engraving, coloured, after an etching,
The Universal Monarch
Liliputian-Substitutes, Equip– ping for Public Service
The worn-out patriot; – or – the last dying speech of the Westminster repre– sentative
German– Nonchalance; – or, – the Vexation of Little-Boney
L’Insurrection de l’Institut Amphi– bie – The Pursuit of Knowledge
The Royal Rush Light!!
Horrors of the Irish-Union; – bothe– ration of poor Pat, – or – a whisper across the Channel
Two pair of portraits, – presented (..) by John Horne Tooke
The French Invasion; or John Bull, bombarding the Bum-Boats
The Tandem – or Billy in his Sulky
"The Child and champion of Jacobinism, New Christened"
A true British-Tar
Integrity retiring fr. Office (…)
Tiddy Doll, the great French pepper cake baker, takes a batch of freshly– baked kings from the oven
Phaeton alarm’d!
Family Outing
 "The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver"
Very Slippy-Weather
German Luxury, – or – Repos a l’Allemande
The Zenith of French Glory – the Pinnacle of Liberty. Religion, Justice, Loyalty & all, the Bugbears of Unenlightened Minds, Farewell!
Buonaparte hearing of Nelson’s Victory, swears by his…
Taming ot the Shrew
The Previous Profession
The Corsican Pest – or Belzebub going to Supper
The Spanish-Bull-Fight – or the Corsican Matador in Danger
And catch the living Manners as they rise
Junction of Parties
Miss, I have a Monstrous Crow to pluck with you!!
Visiting the Sick
Company shocked at a Lady getting up to Ring the Bell
Surrender of Amsterdam
Pitt and Hobart Caricature
The Hand-Writing upon the Wall
The Plumb-pudding in danger, – or State Epicures taking un Petit Souper
Presages of the Millennium; – with – The Destruction of…
Sin, Death, and the Devil, vide Milton
An Exrescence; – a Fungus; – alias – a Toadstool upon a Dunghill
Smelling out a Rat; – or – The Atheistical-Revolutionist distur– bed in his Midnight Calculations
The Reception of an English Envoy at the Court of Peking
Cincinnatus in re– tirement (…)
Uncorking Old Sherry
Die hohe deutsche Kunst, das Gesindel in Rastatt zu…
'Monstrositäten’ von 1799, Schauplatz: Kensington Gardens
The Royal Bull-Fight
'The Friend of the People’ & his Petty-New-Tax-Gatherer…
French Liberty and British Slavery
The Union Club
Midas, Transmuting All into Paper
Modern Grace
James Gillray
The British caricaturist and printmaker James Gillray (13 August 1756 or 1757 - 1 June 1815) was a sharp critic of his time, known above all for his political and social commentaries on the Napoleonic Wars.

Gillray was one of the first professional artists to incorporate caricature portraits into more complex and ambitious satirical prints. By the 1780s, the word 'caricature' had come to denote all satirical prints. Its practice was no longer a light-hearted amateur pastime, but a political activity.
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