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German Surrender 1945 / Keitel.
Second World War 1939–45: End of war /
Act of surrender of the German forces in the Soviet headquarters in Berlin-Karlshorst, 8 May 1945.

Field Marshal General...
Signing of the German Instrument of Surrender
1945 German Surrender
On 8 May 1945, High Commander of the Wehrmacht Wilhelm Keitel (1882-1946) signed the document of surrender along with Hans-Georg von Friedeburg (1895-1945) on behalf of the German Navy and Hans-Jürgen Stumpff (1889-1968) for the German Air Force, effectively ending the Second World War.

Hitler had killed himself on 30 April 1945 as the Soviet Red Army marched on the centre of Berlin. Hundreds of thousands of German soldiers became immediate prisoners of war.

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