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Hitler in Nuernberg / Photo / 1923
Hitler, Adolf Dictator (NSDAP),
Braunau 20/4/1889 – Berlin (suicide)

Hitler inspecting a march on the market square in Nuremberg on 2nd September 1923...
Georg Pahl (1900 - 1963)
Georg Pahl (20 October 1900 - 13 May 1963) was a journalist and press photographer. Since 1923 Pahl was self-employed and ran the photo agency A-B-C (Aktuelle-Bilder-Centrale), after 1945 named Georg P. Pahl Photojournalist (PVB).

In parallel with everyday life in Berlin, he documented important political events during the Weimar Republic, National Socialism and the post-war period.

On September 2, 1923, at the "German Day" in Nuremberg, a meeting of patriotic associations on the anniversary of Sedan's victory, he succeeded in taking a photograph of Adolf Hitler. Until then Hitler had strictly avoided being photographed in public, in order not to provide the police with a wanted photo.
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