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WWI / Torpedo attack, Battle of Jutland 1916 / Illustration
History / First World War / Battle of Jutland, 1916.

An M class destroyer firing a 21 inch torpedo at the Battle of Jutland.

Illustration by Paul Wright.

Let’s go get ‘em
Die Skagerrakschlacht
Situation in the morning, 9.17hrs.
Skagerrak-Schlacht am 31. Mai 1916. Gefechtslagen von 7 – 10 Uhr (M.–E.–Z.)
May 2016: 100 years since the Battle of Jutland
May 2016 marks 100 years since the Battle of Jutland (naval battle fought between the British Royal Navy and the Imperial German Navy during World War I, 31st May to 1st June 1916):

The Battle of Jutland was the biggest naval battle of World War I, in which more than 6,000 British and 2,500 German sailors were killed.
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