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Statue of Augustus from Prima Porta
Augustus, Roman emperor,
Velitrae (Velletri) 23.9.63 BC –
Nola 19.8.14 AD.

Statue of Augustus from Prima Porta.

(Partial view).
From the Villa Livia near Prima...
Murder of Caesar
The death of Caesar
Death of Caesar
Augustus und Kleopatra
Augustus - the first Emperor of Rome
Octavian, later taking the name of Augustus, was the adoptive son of Julius Caesar. Augustus' s political ambition came to the fore after the assassination of his adoptive father in 44BC. He ended a century of civil war and became sole ruler, thereby establishing the julio-claudian dynasty and empire. Although officially attempting to restore the republic (restitutio rei publicae), Augustus did in fact affect its permanent change into a monarchy in the form of a principate.
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