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Music at Home / Father & Five Children
Music / Concert:
Music at Home.

Father at the piano, accompanied by his five children on the recorder.

Photo, undated (c. 1936).
Luther im Kreise seiner Familie
The Dilettante Quartet
Kreuzer Sonata
Nos âmes en des gestes lents
A Music Party by Candlelight
Social gathering to make music
Das Promenadenkonzert
The Two Generations
As the Old Sang the Young Play Pipes
Her first performance
Der erste Christbaum in Ried
Christmas Eve
O du fröhliche, o du selige, gnaden– bringende Weihnachtsze
The duet
Basler Familienkonzert
The Sonata
Saint Cecilia with an angel
Sängerin am Piano
The Concert / Copy after Gerard ter Borch
House Concert
Le piano
Edvard Grieg Accompanies his Wife at the Piano
The Recital
The Trio
Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci nach Menzel (Friedrich II)
Singing Christmas carols one hundred years ago
Concert de Famille
The Home Quartett
The Christmas Carol
Werther and Lotte
Menzel with his siblings at the piano
A Little Music – or – the Delights of Harmony
A Christmas Carol
Georg Urlaub and Adeline Schroedter at the piano
House music
As the nights draw in and get colder, the warmth and coziness of our own homes becomes more and more appealing. How lovely it would be to spend those evenings making music at home with friends and family! Unfortunately lack of time and lack of musical ability makes this an impossible dream for many, so we're leading the fight back with this selection of images from the good old days, showing just how much fun can be had with an instrument, a song book and a bit of confidence!
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