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Peter Joseph Lenne, gardener and city guide (general manager of the Royal Prussian Gardens) Bonn 29.9.1789 – Potsdam 23.1.1866. Portrait. Lithograph, c. 1850.
Peter Joseph Lenné - Prussian Landscape Architect (1789 - 1866)
January 2021: 155 years since the death of Peter Joseph Lenné
September 2024: 235 Years since the Birth of Peter Joseph Lenné.

Peter Joseph Lenné (the Younger), 29 September 1789 – 23 January 1866, Prussian gardener and landscape architect.

As director general of the Royal Prussian palaces and parks in Potsdam and Berlin, his work shaped the development of 19th Century German garden design in the Neoclassical style. Laid-out according to the principles of the English landscape garden, his parks are today part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
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