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Ignacio Zuloaga  Self-Portrait
Ignacio Zuloaga  Self-Portrait
Ignacio Zuloaga Self-Portrait
Zuloaga, Ignacio,
1870 – 1945,
Basque painter.

Ignacio Zuloaga self-portrait.

Painting, 76 x 65 cm.
Moscow, Pushkin Museum.
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Out of artistic copyright from 2016: Ignacio Zuloaga (26 July 1870 – 31 October 1945)
Here we celebrate the work of the Basque painter Ignacio Zuloaga, whose work will come out of artistic copyright on 1st January 2016.

In 1939 Zuloaga wrote in a letter to one of his patrons: "One must (for good or bad) be oneself, and not ape the style of anyone else."

This conviction is the underlying essence of Zuloaga's art. His paintings, mostly portraits but also landscapes, still lifes and religious scenes, merge the traditional notions of the old Spain, reminiscent of Goya and Velazquez, with a modern painting style. He included in his subject matters many elements from Spanish culture and folklore, such as bullfighters, peasants, and dancers. Glossy and slightly surreal but muted and honest in their compositions, his paintings bridge the gap between the known and the innovative.

Born in Eibar in Spain, Zuloaga moved to Paris aged 18 where he entered the artistic circle of the likes of Paul Gauguin. He built himself a good reputation and was quickly considered one of the greatest contemporary Spanish painters. His works were exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Rome, Venice, Moscow, Leningrad, Chicago, New York, Washington and Buenos Aires.

Zuloaga died in Madrid on 31 October 1945 aged 75. We look at his extraordinary talent in this selection from the akg-images archive.
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