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Self portrait
Self portrait
Self portrait
Raffael, real name: Raffaello Santi.
Italian painter and architect;
Urbino 6.4.1483 – Rome 6.4.1520.

“Self portrait”, ca 1506/09.

Oil on wood, 47.5 × 33cm.
The Sistine Madonna
Portrait of a youth
School of Athens
The Sistine Madonna
The Sistine Madonna.
The Sistine Madonna
Self-portrait with his friend
Studie zur Madonna mit dem Granatapfel
The Madonna with the rose
Die Madonna mit der Rose, Ausschnitt
Madonna des Hauses Orléans
Madonna out in the open
Madonna del Cardellino
Mary with the Christ Child
La belle Jardiniere
Madonna del Granduca
Tempi Madonna
Mary with the Christ Child
Mary with the Christ Child
The Large Holy Family
Madonna Terranuova
The Holy Family with the palm
Madonna with the banderole
Madonna della Quercia
Madonna del Divino Amore
The Holy Family with the infant Saint John
The Holy Family with the lamm
Saint Cecilia with Paul, John the Evangelist, Augustine and
Saint Cecilia
The Three Graces
Die drei Grazien
Julius II
Portrait of Pope Julius II
Pope Leo X with the Cardinals Luigi Rosso and Giulio de’ Me
Pope Leo X with the cardinals Luigi de’ Rossi and Giulio de
Pope Leo X with Cardinals Luigi de’ Rossi and Giulio de’ Me
Portrait of a Cardinal
Portrait of Tommaso Fedra Inghira– mi
The marriage of the Virgin
Marriage of the Virgin
The Vision of Ezekiel
The School of Athens
The School of Athens
The School of Athens
The School of Athens
La disputa del sacramento
The Canonisation of St. Catherine of Siena
Giovanna of Aragon, wife of Count Ascanio Colonna, Constabl
Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga
April 2020 - 500 years since the Death of Rafael
Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (March 28 or 6 April 1483 - 6 April 1520) was a gifted artist. As a painter and architect, Raphael was a star of the Renaissance and an excellent self-seller. He maintained one of the most renowned art manufactories of his time and was one of the most desired artists, both for the religious and the secular power elites.

Among his most famous works are the fresco The School of Athens and the Sistine Madonna.
The Madonna is now a public attraction in the Old Masters Picture Gallery in Dresden.

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