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Grock, born Adrian Wettach Circus Performer Reconvilier 10.1.1880 – Imperia 14.7.1959.

Expression study.

Photo, around 1950.
Fritz Eschen (1900-1964) German Photographer
Fritz Eschen 1900 - 1964, German photographer.

Fritz Eschen was born in Berlin, where he started to work as a freelance photojournalist for agencies such as the associated press from 1919.

Fritz Eschen was mainly known as a portrait photographer. In addition to commissioned work, he took photographs of people that interested him such as artists, politicians, actors, writers and scientists.
Today he is also known for his photojournalism work from the pre and post-war period in Berlin.

Since he had never learned the craft of a photographer, he described himself as "self-taught and photo-amateur".

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