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Friedrich Engels / Photo
Engels, Friedrich.
Politician and socialist theoretician;
Barmen 28.11.1820 – London 5.8.1895.
Portrait photo, c. 1860/62;
digital colouring.
Engels setzt das Werk von Marx fort
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels become friends
Friedrich Engels at a Chartists’ meeting 1843
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels at the 2nd Communist League
Friedrich Engels on his journey to America, 1888
Friedrich Engels at the Social Democratic banquet in the Co
Wuppertal, Engels House
Wuppertal, Engels House
Wuppertal, Engels House
Wuppertal, Engels House
Wuppertal, Engels House
Wuppertal, Engels House
Wuppertal, Engels House
Fifty marks from the German Democratic Republic
The Classics
Friedrich Engels (1820 – 1895)
28th November 2020 - 200th Birthday of Friedrich Engels.

Friedrich Engels, 28 November 1820 – 5 August 1895,
German philosopher, social scientist, journalist and businessman.

Engels founded Marxist theory together with Karl Marx and in 1845 published The Condition of the Working Class in England, based on personal observations and research in Manchester, where his father owned a cotton mill.

In 1848, Engels co-authored The Communist Manifesto with Marx and also authored and co-authored (primarily with Marx) many other works.
Later, Engels supported Marx financially to do research and write Das Kapital.
After Marx's death, Engels edited the second and third volumes. Additionally, Engels organised Marx's notes on the Theories of Surplus Value, which he later published as the "fourth volume" of Capital.

Engels's interests included poetry, fox hunting, and hosting regular Sunday parties for London's left-wing intelligentsia where, as one regular put it, "no one left before two or three in the morning." His stated personal motto was "take it easy", while "jollity" was listed as his favourite virtue.
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