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Portrait of Wilhelm Eduard Weber / Photo, c.1890
Weber, Wilhelm Eduard,
1804 - 1891,
German physicist and member of the Göttingen Seven.


Photo, c.1890.
Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm
The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Göttingen Seven, 1837
Göttingen Seven, 18th November 2022 - 185th Anniversary.

The Göttingen Seven were a group of seven professors from Göttingen, who, in 1837, protested against the abolition or alteration of the constitution of the Kingdom of Hanover by Ernest Augustus and refused to swear an oath to the new king of Hanover.

The Göttingen Seven were led by historian Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann, who was one of the key advocates of the unadulterated constitution. The other six were the brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm (famed fairy tale and folk tale writers and storytellers, known together as the Brothers Grimm), legal expert Wilhelm Eduard Albrecht, historian Georg Gottfried Gervinus, physicist Wilhelm Eduard Weber and theologian and orientalist Heinrich Georg August Ewald.
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