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Haithabu / Rekonstruktion
Haithabu (altnordisch Haidaby) bei Schleswig (Siedlung und Handelsniederlassung friesischer Kaufleute ab 750, im 11. Jh. verödet).

Rekonstruktion aufgrund der Grabungsfunde.

Hedeby and Danevirke
In addition to Naumburg Cathedral, the Viking settlement of Hedeby and defensive wall Danevirke were included in the 2018 World Heritage List.

Hedeby and Danevirke are among the most important archaeological sites of the Viking Age in Northern Europe. The Viking settlement of Hedeby existed from about 770 until 1066, when the city was attacked and completely destroyed by West Slavs.
In its Golden Age in the 10th century, Hedeby was the largest trading centre in Northern Europe. At these times, up to 2,000 people lived in this early medieval metropolis on the Schlei.

The first excavations began in 1900 and today most of the objects, such as tools, weapons, jewellery, clothing and everyday objects can be seen in the Viking Museum.
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