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A waitress has to carry heavy litre tankards (12.09.1979) at the Oktoberfest. Now the tax and revenue office demands its share for the tip which goes beyond the...
Horse race at the Oktoberfest 1823
Das Octoberfest in München: Der Schützenaufzug
Das Octoberfest in München: Das Pferderennen
Das Octoberfest in München: Ein Preisträger
Das Octoberfest in München: Eine Preisträgerin
Drink Beer, the Brewery Needs Empty Barrels
Echter Hopfen, Humulus lupulus
Oktoberfest and Wies'n time
As every year at 12 o'clock at noon on the Munich Theresienwiese: "O'zapft is!". The Oktoberfest starts with the traditional tapping of the first keg of beer by the Mayor of Munich, which is brought to the festival grounds with the Grand entry of the Oktoberfest landlords and breweries.

From now on Munich will be in a state of emergency for two weeks and the beer will flow like water.
We wish a nice and (mostly) carefree Wies'n time!

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