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Rothko, Mark;
American painter' 1903–1970.

“Untitled”, 1959.

Oil on paper, mounted on fibreboard,
80.7 × 63.8cm.

Private collection.
Improvisation Klamm
Improvisation Deluge
Unformed Figure
Untitled – Abstract Figure
Number 22
Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III
Number 11
White Cloud over Purple
Yellow and Gold
Pink Angels
Gotham News
Untitled (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White)
Winter Sun
No. 36 (Black stripe)
Untitled – Study for Painting
Capricious Forms
In Blue
Making the Calendar
The Name I
Untitled 1959
Gothic Landscape
Elegy to the Spanish Republic #34
Study for ‘Pancho Villa Dead and Alive'
Untitled – Four Musicians
Abstract Expressionism
In conjuction with the long awaited Royal Academy exhibition that opens on the 24th September, we thought we would celebrate the work associated with Abstract Expressionism. This was an American movement in painting that emerged from New York in the 1940s, and was the first specifically American movement to have a huge impact on art worldwide. New York became the epicentre of the art world, a position it arguably still maintains.

The movement's leading lights were Jackson Pollock, Archille Gorky, Mark Rothko, and Willem de Kooning amongst others, and its style owed a huge debt to the Surrealist movement as well as German expressionism. It is characterised by monumental, intense canvases that pack an emotional punch. Like free jazz and beat poetry which developed alongside it, it broke free from the conventions of artistic expression and had a lasting impact.
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