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Members of the Commune I (l-r) Rainer Langhans, Dieter Kunzelmann, Volker Gebbert and Ursula Körber after their arrest on the 22nd of September in 1967.
Kommune 1
The first plans for the foundation of a commune as a counter-model to the small middle-class family with traditional and hierarchical structures were already forged in 1966. Finally, 4 women and 4 men started the experiment in January 1967: Dieter Kunzelmann, Fritz Teufel, Ulrich Enzensberger, Volker Gebbert, Dagrun Enzensberger, Tanquil Enzensberger, Dorothea Ridder and Dagmar Seehuber (Rainer Langhans joined in March 1967).

Throughout the existence, Kommune 1 was infamous for bizarre events that fluctuated between satire and provocation.

However, Communard's original political motives and ideals soon stepped into the background. The focus was on sex, music and drugs. Founding member Kunzelmann became addicted to heroin and had to leave Kommune 1. Teufel had already been thrown out because of his confusing and countless women's stories. Kommune 1 had degenerated into a fun factory and its members became "pop stars", payed for interviews and photographs.

What remained, after Kommune 1 dissolved after a rocker gang attack in November 1969, was the public discussion on issues such as gender equality, the removal of taboos on sexual needs and the foundation for a new form of coexistence.
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