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Student rally / West Berlin / 1968
West Berlin / Student unrest, 6/4/1968.

Demostrations following the murder of Martin Luther King: Rally in front of Schoeneberg Townhall.

Photo (Gert Schuetz)....
The German Student Movement of 1968
In retalitation to the Vietnam war and the increasingly right-leaning movement of European governments, students throughout the continent began to protest against their leaders. With the added historical weight which National Socialism had burdened them with, German students were particularly adamant in avoiding a return to imperialism and fascism.

Throughout 1967 and 1968, the government began to clamp down on student organisation and activity - a move which only provoked further escalations in violence and radical dissent. AKG-Images has a wide range of photographs and posters from this period, illustrating the widespread tension gripping Germany's youth at the time.

AKG have also put together selections of the other student movements which took place simultaneously throughout Europe at this time:

French Student Movement, 1968

The 1968 Polish Political Crisis
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