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Anton Raphael Mengs, painter and art critic Aussig (Bohemia) 22.3.1728 – Rome 29.6.1779.

“Self – portrait”, 1774.

St. Cecilia
Self portrait with red coat
St. Mary Magdalene in a Grotto
Portrait of Charles IV as Prince of Asturia
Semiramis receives news of the Baby– lonian uprising.
The Penitent Mary Magdalene
Triumph of Empress Catherine II
Allegorical portrait of James Caul– feild, Lord Charlemont
Venus mourns Adonis
Enthroned St Peter
John the Baptist preaching in the Desert
Profil der Minerva
Augustus und Kleopatra
Portrait of Monsignor Onorato Maria Caetani
Jupiter and Ganymede
Portrait of a Princess
Dorothea Sophia Thiele
Portrait of Marie Louise of Bourbon as bride.
Venus und der verwundete Adonis
The Ascension of Mary
Christ carrying the Cross
Madonna del Divino Amore
The Adoration of the Shepherds
Mount Parnass
Anton Raphael Mengs (1728 - 1779)
12. März 2028 - 300. Geburtstag
29. Juni 2029 - 250. Todestag

Der deutsche Maler Anton Raphael Mengs gilt als wesentlicher Wegbereiter und Vertreter des Klassizismus.
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