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Paula Modersohn-Becker, born Becker, married (Otto) Modersohn; Painter.
Dresden 8.2.1876 – Worpswede 10.11.1907.
“Self – portrait, frontal”, 1897.
Watercolor, 24.5...
Self-portrait in front of trees in bloom
Self portrait in front of green back– ground with blue iris
Self-portrait with white pearl neck– lace
Self-Portrait on 6th Wedding Anniversary
Selbstbildnis frontal mit Blume in der rechten Hand
Selfportrait with camelia branch
Stilleben mit Spiegeleiern
Moon above Landscape
Kleiner Mädchenakt
Mädchenbildnis im Profil nach rechts
Bauernfrau mit aufgestützer Hand
Stillleben mit Kohl und Rüben
Maedchenakt mit Blumen
Mädchen mit Ziege
Schützenfest in Worpswede
Kind mit Uhrgewicht
Kirche in Worpswede
The Adoration of the Kings
Still Life with Oranges, Bananas, Lem– ons and Tomatoes
Children with Lanterns
Mutter und Kind
Moon above Fields
Willows by the pond
Stilleben mit Milchsatte
Sitzender Mädchenakt mit Apfel
Landschaft mit Tümpel
Row of Lamenting Women
Häuser, Birken und Mond
Flöte blasendes Mädchen im Birkenwald
Alte Armenhäuslerin
Zwei Mädchen
Liegende Mutter mit Kind
Alte Frau mit Taschentuch
Anbetung, Figurengruppe mit sitzender Bäuerin und Säugling
"Paula - Mein Leben soll ein Fest sein"
"I know I will not live very long, but is that sad?" Is a feast more beautiful because it is longer? And my life is a feast, a short, intensive ... And if love touches me, before I die, and I will have painted three good pictures, I will gladly part with flowers in my hands and in my hair. "
Paula Becker wrote this in her diary in the summer of 1900 - seven years later she died at the age of 31, shortly after the birth of her first child.

Paula Modersohn-Becker left 750 paintings and about 1,000 drawings and is one of the most important representatives of early expressionism. She started her artistic career, when women at the academies were not welcome. As a modern woman, desiring her freedom and beeing a highly gifted artist, she broke with common conventions in society and art.
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