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Columbus / Portrait / S. del Piombo/ 1519
Columbus, Christopher (Ital. Cristoforo Colombo); navigator and discoverer of America,
Genoa 1451 – Valladolid 20.5.1506.


Painting, 1519, by Sebastiano...
La Decouverte de l’Amerique
Columbus, the First Inventor of the New World
Christophorus Columbus
Columbus at the court of Ferdinand
Columbus’ first voyage in India in 1492
Columbus in a battle with Indians
Columbus and his brother Bartholomew are taken prisoners in Hispaniola
Columbus’ entry into Barcelona after his return
Columbus landing and taking possession of the discovered is
Columbus in Chains
Columbus’ first landing on Guahani
Columbus in Ketten
Columbus departs on 3 August 1492
1492 Entdeckung Amerikas
12. Oktober 2022 - 530. Jahrestag

Entdeckung Amerikas
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