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Photo Album - Constantinople, 1886
Photography / Photo Album.

“SOUVENIR / Mlle G.BOLLÉ / Par Mr et Mme D. N. Camvaco / 1. Janvier 1886”.

Various view of Constantinople.
Berlin, Sammlung Archiv für...
Photo Album Basile Kargopoulo
This album contains beautiful large-format photos by Basile Kargopoulo (1826-1886), the famous Ottoman Greek photographer who opened his studio in 1850 on 'Rue de Pera' in the Ottoman capital Constantinople.

Kargopoulo was known for his extraordinary panoramic images of Constantinople, scenes of the city, photos of the Bosporus and the royal palaces. In addition, his portraits of Istanbul types tell us a lot about life in this city in the second half of the 19th Century.
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