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Rudolf Virchow / aft. drawing by Pietsch
Virchow, Rudolf; Pathologist; Schivelbein 13.10.1821 – Berlin 5.9.1902.


Woodcut, 1891, after drawing, 1849,
by Ludwig Pietsch (1824–1911).
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Dr. Sauerbruch’s anatomy
Rudolf Virchow (1821 – 1902)
13 October 2021 - 200th birthday

200th birthday on October 13, 2021 Rudolf Virchow was a physician at the Berlin Charité and founder of modern pathology. Virchow also served as a deputy in the Prussian House of Representatives and was a co-founder of the German Progressive Party on State Health Care. In the Franco-German war, Virchow set up hospital trains which brought the wounded soldiers from France back to Berlin. In addition, Virchow developed a system to ensure the water supply and waste disposal of Berlin. From 1886 to 1888, Virchow was involved in the founding of the Ethnological Museum and the Ethnology Museum in Berlin.
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