""Smalteblau und Elfenbeinschwarz"" as well as ""Venezianisch Rot"". They were published in
the Kestneredition 2/2005. Most of the sheets published by the Kestner-Gesellschaft were
sold separately. Thus only few complete series are known.

- Firmenich, Andrea/Janssen, Johannes (eds.): Franz Gertsch - Holzschnitte. Aus der Natur
gerissen, Cologne 2013, cat.rais.-no. 39.
Art trade, Van Ham."> akg-images -
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Gertsch, Franz. 1930 Mörigen/Bern. Water (Series). 2005. Series of four colour woodcuts on cream-coloured Hanga-schi Japan. 47.5 x 38cm (58 x 44.5cm). Signed and...
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